NFS fire alarm systems offer life and property protection and are essential for all businesses and individuals.

NFS can design, install, commission and maintain a state of the art fire alarm system specific to you requirements and in accordance with current standards BS5839. Fire Alarm Systems.

Analogue Addressable Fire Alarms system

With an analogue addressable system each device has a unique address, the control panel communicates with each device, each device reports back to the panel with an analogue reading, the control panel then decides weather a fire has been detected. If a fire is detected the panel will indicate the specific device address that has been activated and the exact location of a fire, Ideal for medium to large premises (offices, factory)

Conventional Fire Alarm system

Entry level system were the building is split into zones, devices within each zone are wired on dedicated circuit. If a fire is detected the panel indicates which zone has been activated, that zone would have to be searched to find the exact location of a fireIdeal for small premises (shop unit, small office, nursery)

Wireless/Radio Fire Alarm system

Very similar to analogue addressable system but no cables. All components communicate using radio signal. The benefits include quick installation and minimal damage and disruption to premises

Aspirating / Vesda Fire Alarm System

A central detection unit draws air through a network of pipes to detect smoke. Aspirating systems are highly sensitive and detect smoke before its visible to the human eye Ideal for lofts, voids, dusty areas, warehouse.